Exfuze Seven+ Juice
The power of seven. An Extract that is bursting with over seven natural super-foods, with a rich taste that will
leave you looking forward to your next drink. Seven+ is a pure, 100% natural supplement that contains
amazing botanicals from all over the earth.

Ingredients in Exfuze Seven+ Juice:

Known as “mubiezi” in traditional Chinese, the Gac fruit seeds have for thousands of years been used for a variety of internal
and external medicinal uses. Gac also contains lycopene, a powerful anti-oxidant that helps to combat free-radicals in the body
than tomatoes and 10 times more beta-carotene than carrots.
The Acai berry or Euterpe Oleracea is truly the jewel of the Amazon. Growing in the nutrient intense soil of the Brazilian
rainforests, this precious little berry is packed with vital, life giving nutrients. Our Açai is not a fruit juice extract, or a freeze dried
powder, but rather a pure extract whole fruit powder that retains the Açai’s natural potency and efficacy.
Seven+ contains Lycium Barbarum, more commonly known as the Himalayan Goji. Goji is possibly one of the world’s greatest
natural answers to anti-aging. In the Himalayan Mountains, some of the world’s oldest people credit their advanced age and
health to a steady diet of Goji. Goji is an incredible berry found in a remote corner of the earth.
Morinda Citrifolia has been used for many centuries as a medicine in Hawaiian and Asian cultures. This potato sized fruit,
known as Noni, is one of the most popular botanicals today and is widely used by naturopathic and homeopathic practitioners.
Noni has also been found to have strong anti-inflammatory capabilities.
Perhaps one of the most exciting botanicals in Seven+ is the glyconutrient, Fucoidan. This complex polysaccharide has
certainly perked the interest of researchers around the globe with over 675 independent clinical studies to date.
Mangosteen or Garcinia Mangostana had its first scientific article published on it in 1697 by Jaques Garcin, after observing its
benefits. The Mangosteen fruit has a hard outer shell which is valued because of its rich concentrate of Xanthones. Xanthones
have been shown to have benefits for cardiovascular health, hypertension and thrombosis. exfuse powders and extracts the
entire fruit as most of the nutrients are in the hard outer shell which are not easily available via typical concentration methods.
Hippophae rhamnoides or Seabuckthorn as it is more commonly known is one of the most important natural resources in the
mountainous regions of China and Russia. Seabuckthorn has often been called natures multi-vitamin with its robust
combination of vitamins, including folic acid, flavenoids and carotenoids. It also contains a wonderful Omega complex.
The plus + ingredients include, pomegranate, wild blueberries, aloe vera, and concord grapes.
SEVEN+™ PROformance
Seven+™ PROformance is specifically formulated with the active person in mind.
Seven + Pro is unique in that it contains a rare and exotic adaptogenic combination of eleutherococcus and astragalus.  Whether you are a professional
athlete, an amateur athlete, or someone who is experiencing high stress, the continual assault of these daily stressors can have severe consequences on
our health and well-being. There have been numerous studies that show that eleutherococcus may help the body adapt more effectively to stress. It also
reduces the intensity and negative impact caused by mental tension, emotional difficulties, poor lifestyle habits, illness, infection, pollution and many more
factors. How many of us would like to alleviate some stress in our lives?  With todays tough economic times, there is not better product to alleviate stress
while giving a great opportunity to provide additional income to your household at the same time with the great opportunity that exists with Exfuze Seven
Plus.  Astragalus, is a botanical with unbelievable antioxidant properties.  The amazing herb possesses the ability to protect both the health of cells and
the immune system at the same time.  It is also rich in flavonoids which are may help repair damage caused by the free radicals, active immune cells and
also creates a protein called interferon that may protect against viruses while providing anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and diuretic properties.  

• Helps metabolize carbs, proteins and fats into energizing fuel*
• Increased energy*
• Sustained endurance*
• Improved muscular strength*
• Improved oxygen uptake*
• Improved aerobic performance and capacity*
• Enhanced mental, physical performance*

Exfuze Seven + Pro is BSCG certified
eXfuze Seven+™ fortifed with eXboost Premium FOCUS
Ever have those days when your mind just does not feel as “sharp” as you would like? Well, eXfuze has the
answer; mental clarity and razor sharp focus, call it a little “boost for the brain.”* eXfuze Seven+™ fortified with
eXboost Premium FOCUS has been designed to enhance the brains cognitive abilities* in the areas of
memory*, mental clarity*, and focus*. Enhanced with Brown Seaweed Extract premier free radical scavenger*,
Periwinkle extract for vascular health*, Grape Seed Extract for superior anti-oxidant protection*, and Brown
Rice Extract, a key source for Co-Enzymes Q6 through Q10.

The eXfuze Periwinkle extract is a fantastic ingredient, it really opens up the brain* and lets you get focused
more quickly. The taste of the Periwinkle is very bitter; however, by using a sophisticated encapsulation
process, the Periwinkle has literally no flavor in Premium Focus. You won’t believe how fantastic it tastes or
how great you will feel!*

In addition, this premier product includes Yamabushitake, known to support and protect brain function*, and
Club Moss, noted in scientific studies to enhance memory*, mental energy* and neuroprotection*.

eXfuze Seven+ fortified with eXboost Premium FOCUS is fortified with a heavily researched Periwinkle extract.
We call this eXboost FOCUS because the research has shown it may help with:

• Memory improvement*
• Increase your energy level naturally*
• True energy from increased brain blood flow*
• Increased awareness and alertness*
• Protect the brain from oxidation*
The brand new Green Zilla2.O™ has arrived!

Not only is Green Zilla2O™ great tasting, we are very proud to also announce that Green Zilla2O™ has been BSCG certified.  BSCG testing is a
process conducted by the Banned Substances Control Group (BSCG), which is an independent and world-renowned organization established to ensure
the safety of dietary supplements, which is critically important for everyone who uses eXfuze products

• Lose weight and suppress appetite*
• Feel better and have more energy*
• Increase endurance and fitness levels*
• Reduce occasional aches and pains following exercise*
• Improve memory and brain function*

What is Green Zilla 2O™?
Green Zilla 2O is your answer to aid in water and energy optimization.* Composed of an array of cutting-edge ingredients, Green Zilla 2O is a product
that encourages going “green”, and answers the market’s need for a powerful energy product. It is also extremely nourishing to your body!* In addition
to a base formulation of Blue Green Algae and Aloe, the Green Zilla 2O formulation includes Ginseng extract, which may increase athletic performance
and aid in supporting muscle recovery.*
How does the extraction process work?

How was the name eXfuze derived?
"The name originated from the process of creating Seven+. The "eX" represents the extracts that are taken from each botanical, ensuring that only the most
nutrition-rich parts are used. "Fuze" designates the "fuzing" of all of the ingredients into a formula that is nutrition dense and second to none - hence the
name eXfuze."